Health care assistant training course


Developing the Role of the HCA - for New & Experienced HCAs, Receptionists & Administrators

This five day health care assistant training course has been designed to ensure that health care assistants have the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out key aspects of the Health Care Assistant role competently and safely, thereby meeting a number of occupational standards that can be found on the Skills for Health website (

As we are now a national recognised learning centre, we are able to offer accreditation for all or part of this five day training course dependent upon the learner's needs and the organisation's requirements. If accreditation is not required, the learner can still attend and a certificate of attendance will be issued.

To support the development of competence, it is expected that all Health Care Assistants will work closely with an identified mentor, who is a qualified Health Care Professional, in their place of work and complete the practical assessments for each of the days as indicated. In addition, it is recommended that to get the best out of this course that health care assistants complete the additional homework set. However, those who wish to gain accreditation for their learning will need to complete a series of practical and written assessments.

In response to the feedback from over two hundred of our Health Care Assistants, we have now restructured the course  to facilitate more practical learning. The course is now clearly split into two component parts:

A 2 day introductory training programme which will provide the essential knowledge and skills required to work as a Health Care Assistant and act as a foundation upon which to develop more complex skills. This training course is suitable for all those HCAs that are new to their role, all those HCAs considering taking on a clinical role and those HCAs who are experienced but have not had any formalised training.

A 3 day intermediate training programme which will enable a Health Care Assistant to carry out more complex and focused tasks in a safe and effective manner. This training course is suitable for those HCAs that have completed the initial 2 day programme, those HCAs who wish to enhance their knowledge and develop their role further and those HCAs who are experienced but have not had any formalised training.

Who should attend this training course?

  • Recently appointed Health Care Assistants (HCA) working in primary care settings
  • Receptionists/Administrators in general practice considering taking on the Health Care Assistant role
  • Experienced Health Care Assistants who have not received any formalised training

Aims of this training course

  • To develop the knowledge and skills required to become competent in undertaking delegated tasks within the primary care setting
  • To promote high standards of evidence based health care and in so doing meet the associated National Occupational Standards, national & local policies & frameworks

Objectives of this training course

  • Utilise evidence-based approaches to patient care that promotes safe and effective practice.
  • Identify and develop the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake a range of clinical procedures competently
  • Discuss and understand the legal aspects and professional responsibilities relating to the delegated tasks being undertaken
  • Recognise ways in which the spread of infection can be minimised.
  • Reflect upon care given, taking into account patients perspectives, in order to contribute to improved standards

Key topic areas covered by this training course

Part 1: 2 Day Introductory Training Programme (Days 1 and 2)

Learners must attend BOTH days

  • Communication & consultation skills
  • Screening (New patient checks) & health promotion
  • Physiological measurements (BP, pulse rate & rythmn, respiratory rate, temperature & pulse oximetry)
  • Urinalysis & infection control
  • Height, weight & BMI
  • Accountability, professional issues & information governance

Part 2: 3 Day Intermediate Training Programme (Days 3 - 5)

Learners can attend one or more days depending upon their needs

These are the areas that we cover in our standard training courses. However, the content can be fine tuned to meet the needs of individual organisations where whole courses are commissioned. Discounts will be offered where whole courses are commissioned.

Additional Information

  • All materials will be provided. All health care assistants will receive handouts for individual training sessions and CDs containing competency based frameworks, procedural guidelines, National Occupational Standards and other useful literature relevant to the days attended
  • Refreshments will be provided mid morning and afternoon
  • All health care assistants will be expected to undertake a period of supervised practice in their place of work with a designated mentor
  • All the training we provide on this training course meets the relevant National Occupational Standards, local and national guidelines and is underpinned by supervised practice. The evidence based procedural guidelines and competency based frameworks for the development of key clinical skills can be adopted for use in either general practice or other provider organisations to mitigate risk and meet insurers' requirements. These guidelines and competency based frameworks are current at the time of issue. However, the evidence base is always changing and organisations must ensure that they are updated on a regular basis in light of any new guidance.





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